miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016

...Little by Little...

Things will never go as fast as you will like to. Specially something like this dream that does not have a business case and with people fearing of "fixing what is not broken".

But the labor from my side keeps going, very slow....

The focus has been on :

1.- Documenting OS/2 development and Technical information on EDM/2.
  •  Documenting OS/2's File by File
  • Documenting the OS/2 APIs I can find. 
  • Trying to make available for free on the Internet any IBM documentation available (requesting proper permission). 
2.- Documenting any OS/2 general information and software available on the OS2World Wiki.

3.- Uploading all OS/2 related source code on Github to make it available for everyone in a way it can be easily accessed and read.

4.- I started my aWarp, bWarp and cWarp experiments to see which components of OS/2 are vital and what can be replaced.  I had listed some of the important OS/2 files/components that I'm looking to replace for free one.

Yes, there are different fronts but it is good that some people are helping me. Even if they think that their efforts are small, the difference now is that our efforts are collaborative and allow derivative works.

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