viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

More on Open Source

This are some "snippets" from a discussion on the OS2World forum that I will like to document here too:

Trying to not drift away, it is not which model is right or wrong. It is which model do we need right now.
  • eComStation uses a lot of open source software, without it, it will be just Warp 4.52.
  • The more interesting software ported to this platform latetly had been from projects that had been originally open sourced (OpenJDK, Qt, Firefox, OpenOffice, Qt apps ported, etc)
  • Open source reduces the risk of vendor dependency. IBM dumped us in the past and can happen again, with open source we reduce that risk.
  • We should stop thinking that we will be the last ones, there will be people left after we leave the community. It will be better to leave software and documents for this platforms that allows derivative works without the dependency of a single person or group.
Open Source it is not the saver, or the end of the world. It is just the model that is working for us right now. I see open source as the path, the community and persons using and developing for the platform are "the savers".

That's why I see that should start to care about the close source components an try to clone them in the open source path (PM, SOM, WPS, Control Program, etc).

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

...More code.

It seems that it a never ending story uploading all the source code that is available for OS/2. But it seems that I'm close to finish my hobbes search for source code. The last directory I have left to search is "\dev" and I hope to finish that on the next weeks.


After that I plan to check some other sources like OS2site, Netlabs and some individual developers webpages to upload more public code.