miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015

WPSac, WPSam, AMouse GUI, PMFormat, Clock60, CUtil, PmCtlsPP now released as open source

Noller & Breining Software has released the source code to the public of the following OS/2 software:
  • AMouse GUI: The GUI components of Amouse are now available as open source.
  • Clock60: A modified desktop clock, that contains additional features, like access to DCF77-stations
  • CUtil: A library that contains functions that is used in most of Noller & Breining Software software.
  • PmCtlsPP: PmCtlsPP modifies some OS/2 window controls to add some features known from Windows: double click on Entry fields selects only a single word, etc.
  • PMFormat: PMFormat is a diskette formatter
  • WPSac: WPSac (Workplace Shell Access Control) is a tool that restricts access to the workplace shell to users with a configured user id (comparable with the WinNT logon).
  • WPSam: WPSam is a tool similar to WPSac. It allows to switch the desktop by switching to another OS2.INI file (and OS2SYS.INI). A fullscreen version is also contained (INITOS2)
The source code is available for download at hobbes as open source under the BSD 3-Clause license.
Special thanks to "Noller & Breining Software" for allowing his software to be released as open source.

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