lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Starting with Workplace Shell

If I will start with the idea to "Top-to-Down" to make an OS/2 clone  the first step will be to try to clone OS/2 Warp's WorkplaceShell.

Goal: A 100% open source replacement for Workplace Shell.

Reuse: XWorkplace components (GNU GPL V2).

Project Requirements:
  • The WorkplaceShell clone should run on top of OS/2 Warp 4.52 or eComStation 2.x which means that the WorkplaceShell clone should run over IBM's SOM and IBM's PM. 
  • Replicate as much of the original WorkplaceShell functionality as possible. Strange stuff (classes) that are not used may not be cloned. 
  • Open source under the GNU GPL license, since XWorkplace has a lot of work and derivative works should be done under the same license. 
  • Try to replace dependencies on VisualAge for C++ 3 which is used by XWorkplace and try to use GCC compiler. SOM compiler will remain the IBM one.
  • Developers... I don't have (yet) no one interested on the project. It is also hard to find developers with WPS and SOM skills.
  • Money. It will be very hard to find someone for free.
  • Any strange behavior (quirks) on IBM SOM will need to be supported until IBM's SOM can be cloned.
  • After a working clone of  WorkplaceShell is created, it will require future re-works/tweaking when the SOM and PM clones gets created. 
Other open source code that can be checked for this project:
Next Steps:
This are the first steps that I have pending to understand more this possibility. 
  • Know more about WorkplaceShell architecture to understand the work items that need to be procedure. 
  •  Try to assess with developer(s) what can be re-used from XWorkplace and  time efforts to accomplish a 100% WPS clone.

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