viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Starting with Top-to-Down

After some thinking I started to play with the idea of starting "Top-to-Down" on creating an open source OS/2 Warp clone. By "Top-to-Down" I mean starting from the components on the top like Workplace Shell and go moving down from there.

The "Top-to-Down" idea will mean to create replacement for:
  • Workplace Shell
  • System Object Model (SOM)
  • Presentation Manager (PM)
There are a few open source projects that had started to create a replacement for it, but none of them still an complete 100% replacement for the IBM code:
  • Workplace Shell  - XWorkplace - GNU GPL V2
  • System Object Model (SOM) - SOMFree - GNU GPL and LGPL V3
  • Presentation Manager (PM) - FreePM - BSD License
By completing this three projects, it may be possible that that the main "soul" of OS/2 Warp can be cloned.  Of course that it still will not be a full operating system but it will give a strong start on the right direction.

The idea of starting "Top-to-Down" is to be able to put more open source replacements over a working OS/2 Warp 4.52 or eComStation 2.1. Even that both products are still commercial, it will be a good start to run this components on the top of this OSes.

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