miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

OS/2 and eComStation Open Source Software Catalog - September Updates

This month I finished looking for source code on hobbes. I still need to organize some other projects that I found and the open source games to be included there.

For the moment there are 1213 public repositories of OS/2 and eComStation open source related projects on GitHub. There is also a more friendly open source list at OS2World wiki (work in progress).


You can fork the repositories and try to "hack" yourself into the code without any worries or breaking anything. Github gives you the freedom to store any source code and generate all the forks you want.

If anybody wants administration rights to any repository, or want to help me uploading more source to github or have any other suggestion just write me to martin@os2world.com

Remember that help is always welcome. This is a community effort to help this platform.

Please give me your feedback on the OS2World Forum or write directly to me.

Martín Itúrbide

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