martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

but... I'm the last link in the chain, how to do it?

In my efforts to have an Open Source OS/2 clone someday, and since I do not have software developer skills anymore (I haven't code anything serious since 2001), I started to think where I can help.

My choices were:
  • Publicly supporting Open Source (as the open source definition) projects for the OS/2 and eComStation Platform. 
  • Trying to contact former OS/2 developers and ask them to open source their software. 
  • My last, improving the EDM/2 wiki which is a OS/2-eCS software developer resource wiki. 
The EDM/2 update had brought me great satisfaction. A lot of former OS/2 developers are just happy to publish their articles on the wiki. And since the license is Creative Commons it allows to create derivative works. So what were static articles has now the possibility being improved in the future and being enhanced and corrected according any change. 

I had been working on EDM/2 for a year now and it is incredible how many material I was missing, and how much the wiki grown up.  I'm trying to link every source and try to contact every contributor to have the permission to move it to the wiki.

In general the authors that I was able to contact are very amazed that their articles remain current today and are happy to help with the community. I want to thanks them all for making EDM/2 greater.

I'm welcome to receive any help, if anybody wants to help me on the EDM/2 Wiki. It does need to have a lot of time, or know much about programming. Anybody can help me on their free time, correcting the site, fixing any typo or text inconsistency on the wiki. It is not hard at all.

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